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The Jewish Mother


Address: 31 st, & pacific ave.
The Jewish Mother (Virginia Beach)


The Jewish Mother was established in 1975 in Va. Beach, Virginia. The three original partners decided that Virginia Beach, a resort town, needed a deli restaurant, which would double as a lounge after dinner hours, with a stage for live entertainment. The restaurant became a full service restaurant seating approximately 200 people, with an innovative four-page newspaper menu. One partner, Jeffery Segal, whose mother was Jewish, was instrumental in introducing various choices to the menu. These choices, lox and bagels, quiche, omelettes and deli meats such as corned beef, pastrami, brisket and tongue became standards. Mrs. Segal, our “Jewish Mother” became the standard for the name of The Jewish Mother Restaurant and after checking the trademark possibilities, the partners found the availability of “The Jewish Mother “in Jewish Script. The application of the “Trade Marks” for restaurants, food products, product lines etc. was later received in order to franchise the existing concept! Other than being famous for her food, The Jewish Mother, received national exposure through Congressional hearings on IRS abuse to individuals and small businesses in the early nineties.The Jewish Mother hired a bookkeeper, who was caught stealing thirty five thousand dollars and was being sought by the City of Virginia Beach for embezzlement, when she approached the IRS and fabricated a tale of drug charges, money laundering and gun possession. The Government in their infinite wisdom decided after one day of investigation that everything she had said was true and proceeded to raid the restaurant and homes of the partners. The raid netted nothing whatsoever and after four months of careful scrutiny the government informed the parties that there was no evidence of any crime. The owners immediately contacted their lawyers and proceeded to institute a twenty million dollar lawsuit naming the IRS and state ABC Board as defendants. When the finance Committee decided to hold hearing on IRS abuses, owner John Colaprete was invited to appear before congress to tell his story. At this time, the fight for individual rights continues after ten years of litigation. During the past years federal Judge Doumar wrote a one hundred and twenty five page dissertation on the events that led up to the fateful March 4, 1994 raids. Judge Doumar's ruling, which still stands, insists that because of the gross negligence on the part of the Federal and State government, both parties shall stand trial. Not so fast, appeals are in progress again, and at this time after three years the fourth circuit court has not been able to rule one way or the other. The Mother is also known for the famous music artists, who not only eat here, but played here as well. Richie Havens, Dave Mason of “Traffic”, Leon Russell, The Little River Band, Dave Mathews, Hootie & The Blow Fish, Bruce Hornsby, Rusty Young & Paul Cotton from POCO, Pharrell, Chay & Shay from N.E.R.D. and many, many more through out the thirty years. Hampton Roads Monthly magazine rates The Jewish Mother in the top 50 restaurants in the seven-city area known as Hampton Roads. The Jewish Mother, recently featured on “The Food Network”, continues serving up great food and selling its retail line in the store and on her website. You can also find some of our product lines for sale in your local grocery stores Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter. The next time you're in Virginia Beach please stop in and enjoy The Mother's Hospitality.

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